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Hi! Im jessica
I have barely any friends and i don't really understand why. I think it might just be the way i look. Have you ever been told to change what you're wearing even though others wear the same thing and don't get in trouble? It's because you look better in it. I used to be teased about how i looked, but not anymore!
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omg i love your site!
Dear Already Perfect,

We are sorry to inform you that the position of Perfection has already been filled by us. Bovine Perfection will outdo human perfection everytime (trust me - our tongues can do things humans couldn't even dream of!!!) Please feel free to visit our journal to view photos of Bovine Perfection and beauty (no we are not lesbians and our site is just clean bovine fun).
more you are a good person,more people try to hurt you.because the majority of people is disgusting.So they feel so envious,so threated by you,that try in every way to make you feel bad.You must always think that YOU ARE THE BEST and they would sell their sould to devil to be just half of what you are.